Start a Pokemon / RPG adventure on discord!

Discover these universes with Akimitsu, and measure yourself against other with the ranking system

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Gameplay screen

Akimitsu's core: the Pokemon universe!

Dear trainer! You'll find here many possibilities: capturing, fishing and collecting pokemons to fill up your pokedex!
You will be able to hatch eggs, or look for fossiles.
The most daring will chase Legendary and Shiny Pokemons.

Gameplay screen


Gather as much points as possible by capturing pokeomons, and climb the ranking ladder to the top!
Trade your pokemons with other players to try and complete your pokedex.
Compete agains other players to obtain the 'oh-so-precious' chest

Gameplay screen
Gameplay screen

Akimitsu's small bonus: Its RPG universe

This part will be cherished by the farmer that's in you.
Gather resources: Wood, cereals, ores, meat and fishes...
Sell them and become the richest of all the kingdoms!
Destroy the creatures who dare to fight you, et become the most powerfull of all adventurers!